hunterFor service, repair or installation of your irrigation system, please consider Midwest Lawn & Garden as your professional irrigation contractor.

  • Fall winterization
  • Spring startup
  • Backflow inspection
  • Expert troubleshooting
  • Repairs to all brands

Our Standard Irrigation System Features

We design and install quality systems that are state of the art, yet easy to use. From simple residential systems to the expansive needs required for playfields and parks, we’ll develop a custom system tailored for your requirements.


Hunter SRS spray heads offer brand name quality at an economical price. The SRS combines Hunter technology with durable construction.  Hunter adjustable arc nozzles allow maximum user flexibility.  Simply dial to the precise pattern needed.  These are used in short distance areas.


Hunter PGP: The World’s Best Selling Rotor for Residential and Light Commercial Applications.  It’s the product that’s been at the top of the best-seller list for more than a decade. No one will ever be able to imitate its patented features and Hunter’s years of experience in gear-driven technology. Setting the standard for contractors and designers, it has become the #1 selling rotor in the world.


Valves are the heart of your sprinkler system. They are placed in a box under ground out of sight and wired to your controller to water your lawn & landscape in different areas called zones. Using a solenoid device controlled by low voltage electricity from the controller, valves turn the flow of water on and off to the sprinkler zones. We use Hunter PGV Valves: Rugged, professional-grade valves designed to handle the full range of landscape needs.  A hard working, heavy-duty performer, the PGV offers you the best features of
any top-of-the-line valve.


Hunter SRC Plus: For economy and versatility in a residential or light commercial system, this is the controller that continues to set the standards.  No other competitively priced controller offers you as many features as the Hunter SRC. A full three programs, each with four start times…dial programming and a display for quick set-up…a built-in 365-day calendar clock to accommodate odd/even watering restrictions and eliminate monthly reprogramming hassles.


Our irrigation systems are designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. They benefit from the strength of a  PVC mainline which delivers the water to the valves located around the property.  Then we use 1” polyethylene pipe to complete the delivery of water to the individual heads.


We use a state of the art vibratory plow to install the irrigation pipe 10-12” underground.  We use great care to insure a clean installation with minimal disruption to any existing turf.

More Standard Features

All of our irrigation systems utilize a Master Valve.  This valve is installed at the beginning of the system and prevents water from pressurizing the mainline while the controller has the system shut off.  This reduces stress on the pipefittings and valves created by having constant water pressure on them, which would decrease the service life of the system.  It also guards against potential flooding and the costly waste of water if there is an unexpected mainline break or valve failure.

All of our Hunter controllers have a remote control feature, which allows our service team to operate your system without needing access to the control panel in your garage.  You’ll never have the inconvenience of waiting home for an appointment to allow a technician into your home…we can perform all of our service calls from outside!

Our systems contain a BACKFLOW PREVENTER which prevents water from your sprinkler system mixing with your drinking water. City and State approved, they are required by all local government water departments.


We offer a 1-year warranty covering parts and labor on our entire system.  Any parts which may carry a longer warranty period by the manufacturer would be subject to labor charges only.
5-YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY – We also offer a 5-year warranty when you upgrade your systems’ components and allow us to provide you with our annual service program. This warranty covers both parts and labor!

System Upgrades

We highly recommend upgrading your new system to include the following features.  Each feature will increase the quality of water distribution, serviceability and ease of use of your professional irrigation system.

Hunter Institutional Spray
Hunters’ best spray sprinkler that delivers the ultimate in water savings, as well as the durability of a rugged body design. From top to bottom, the Hunter Institutional Spray combines exceptional strength with a complete range of innovative features including…

  1. True pressure regulation under a wide range of environmental and pressure conditions to reduce water waste. This prevents the misting and fogging effect of standard spray heads.
  2. An in-stem regulator that acts as a flow control if the nozzle is removed.
  3. The most powerful retraction spring in its class.
  4. How about one more great feature – it carries a 5-year warranty

Hunter I-20 Rotor
The Industrial-Strength Rotor for Residential and Commercial use.  No other rotor in its class gives you more like …

  1. An extra heavy-duty spring with reliable retraction.  This prevents the head from staying up after the completed watering cycle.
  2. A standard water-saving drain check valve that handles up to 10 feet of elevation change.  Prevents water from draining out of the head and causing wet areas in the turf.
  3. The FloStop® feature that provides the added convenience of easily stopping water flow through a single head without turning off the entire system.
  4. It’s protected by a full five-year warranty!

Hunter Pro-C controller

there has never been a residential and light commercial controller so remarkably easy to handle as this.

  1. Larger LCD display for simplified programming.
  2. Global water budget or seasonal adjustment…you can easily change the run times of all zones from 10% to 150% of their programmed setting.
  3. Non-volatile memory – holds programs indefinitely…excellent insurance against unexpected power outages.
  4. Superior surge protection and self-diagnostic short circuit protection – the internal microcircuits are protected from electrical spikes, so there’s no fuses to worry about.
  5. The Pro-C also features a removable faceplate so the controller can be programmed anywhere!

Rain Sensor

Our wireless rain sensor is a great way to conserve water. It temporarily shuts down the irrigation system when a certain amount of rain has fallen.  It then keeps the system off until the moisture has evaporated from the sensor, preventing unnecessary watering cycles.