shrubsOur landscape care services are provided to our full service customers.

Weed control for beds

Pre-emergents are applied twice each spring in mulched landscape areas to prevent the growth of weeds and greatly reduce the need for hand-pulling. Beds are walked through weekly to remove remaining weeds and inspect shrubs for insects or disease.

Hardwood mulch for beds

We will apply a layer of premium hardwood mulch to aid in weed suppression, moisture retention and overall appearance of all landscaped areas and tree wells. The total depth of mulch will be maintained at 3”. One application of mulch will be applied per year in late winter.

Shrub/tree trimming

This service includes the corrective and/or selective trimming, shearing and hand pruning of all trees, shrubs and groundcovers on-site to create a healthy, vigorous, manicured appearance.

Midwest Lawn & Garden before and after landscape